The cost of treatments for your pets can be very expensive at times, especially if you are staying in the USA or Canada. According to research, one in three pets make an unplanned visit to the vet every year – some for mere check ups, some for vaccination, some others for treatments, and some even for surgeries. For all these, the poor owners would not be able to support if they repeat too often, especially the last ones; treatments and surgeries.

Pet health insurance in the USA is not a new trend. It has been in the market for almost 20 years now, only recently these service grew; due to the costly treatments of pet health care.

Offered Everywhere Basically, pet health insurance in the USA has various coverage options. Depending on the pet, different packages are offered as well. This pet health insurance in the USA is common enough that almost all veterinary clinics fall under the covered list. The insurance covers from the basics to even the pet’s death or loss. This insurance service is offered by many insurance companies in the country. They are commonly offered to owners who have a strong emotional tie to their pets, despite of their economic status. Variety of Plans and Coverage Basically there are few types of coverage options, or also known as plans and packages by many insurance companies. Pet health insurance in the USA is easily accessible from many companies, and these companies have various packages ranging from the basic to the highest degree coverage types. Here are some examples of coverage options and plans; Basic or standard – this would cover the basics; literally to say. That would include unexpected circumstances such as accidents and illnesses including cancer, and surgeries. This plan does not extend to procedures such as elective spays and prevention health care such as vaccinations. The insurers may exclude pre-existing conditions at times, unless it is cured and no treatment is required for a certain period of time. Value for money – this would cover unexpected situations such as accidents as well as illness, surgeries and basic wellness. This would include de-worming, sterilization, teeth cleaning, flea control, vaccines, heartworm and others. Quick or Choice – this would cover the most popular health care such as accidents, illnesses, surgery, basic wellness and elective preventative care as well. Premium or Best – the coverage extends to everything from routine checkups, vaccinations and surgeries to accidents and chronic and long term illnesses, such as cancer and kidney failure. Emergency – the last type of pet health insurance in the USA, which has the least degree of coverage that only kicks in during emergencies and accidents.







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