Our pets deserve the best of the best. It is essential for us to at least provide the basics of pet health care, so that we can keep them well – healthy and fit. When we are talking about pet health care, what comes into our mind are giving our pets healthy food, giving them sufficient exercise, and bringing them to the vet for medical check ups.

Pet health care watch is very important, and if possible you should keep tracks and reports of what they do everyday, what they eat, and their statistics everyday; at least until they reach adulthood. Here are some tips of good pet health care;

Cleanliness and Medical Check-ups

If you’re having a pet that moves about the neighbourhood a lot, check on its teeth regularly. Brush it teeth everyday and deep-clean often. Bring it to get a dental check-up once every 3 months. This may sound more regular than our dentist trip, but the reason is because our pets will roam around and can chew on anything that may stain the teeth. Despite all that, if its teeth turn brown and the gums get inflamed, seek medical advice immediately.

Get appointments for regular blood tests, cardiology evaluation, kidney and liver scanning and many more.

Clean the nails and ears and nostrils often. For pets with sharp nails, de-claw or clip them. This is beneficial for both our household things as well to their health, because bacteria won’t be able to easily get into their body. Clean the ears and dig out the wax. Too much buildup of wax may lead to many complications such bad odor, chronic ear infections and other hearing problems.

Allergens, Toxins and Pests

Avoid foods that are toxic to certain animals and keep away allergens as well. For example, if you have a dog, try not to keep many grapes or raisins, because they can be poisonous if they are eaten in large quantities. Other than that, when talking about allergens, it is advisable not to have any of those allergens at home, or at least avoid your pet getting exposed to them. For example, certain breeds of cats are allergic to dust and mold, and for that you have to clean your house regularly to keep it clean and dust free.

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