Ask any animal lover what their greatest fear is and they will tell you: that their beloved pet becomes ill and the treatment is too expensive to afford. With some pet treatments running into thousands of pounds, often with no quick fix and no guarantee that the problem will not reoccur, it is an area of increasing concern with animals often suffering as a result. It’s a heartbreaking situation and one which, until recently, meant real misery for pet owners with a low income.

Changes Planned

However, this situation may well change in the next year as more and more pressure is brought by the public to bring in a scheme similar to our own National Health Service. Basically the cost of the treatment would be covered by the tax payer in a scheme entitled Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK. Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK would be available for all animals, regardless of age, breed and, most importantly, the financial situation of the owner. The current point of controversy is what constitutes an emergency.

Whilst some ailments are easily categorized: a broken limb, an open wound or symptoms such as vomiting, others are not so obvious. A long term liver problem or dietary issues can be life threatening but whether they would be covered under the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK plan has yet to be finalized.

Proposal Welcome

Regardless of possible limits within the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK package, pet owners have warmly welcomed the initiative. In a recent survey, UK pet owners stated that vet’s bills were the number one decision point when considering a pet. While smaller animals’ health treatment is generally not costly, injuries to larger animals such as cats and dogs can often run into the thousands and it is not uncommon for the pet to be put to sleep purely because of the cost involved. Under the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK package it is hope this unfortunate situation will happen less and less.

Next Steps

The government is continuing to work on all details of the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK bill and it should come before parliament in the next twelve months. Though there has been some resistance from other parties, it is recognized that the UK is a country of animal lovers and if the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK bill can save the lives of man’s best friend then it should be available as soon as possible.

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