Cat pet health care is a general worry that most cat owners share. Having any pet is great, at the same time you must take care of them and some of the hardest areas are health concerns. It is very hard to tell what is wrong with our pet; most of us deduce a change in behavior from their playful self to quiet and withdrawn.

Cats have many health issues just like any other pet. Most of these health problems may never happen during their life span however, some will with every cat at least once.

Common Issues

* Scratching and itching – this is a condition known as neurological dermatitis where the cat will lick, scratch, bite himself/herself for no apparent reason to you. This usually results in a secondary infection, which will cause more itching and scratching. There are drugs and creams to treat the infection and alleviate the itching.
* Cat heartworm disease – This usually appears more frequently in dogs but it is likely that a cat will get it once in her/his lifetime. It is hard to recognize this illness until it becomes chronic and your cat will vomit, have breathing problems, seizure or worse such as blindness and collapse. Some other signs are loss of appetite and lethargy. Drugs are available for this disease which is orally fed to the cat.

Skin Problems

* Matted fur – Matted fur will encourage the breeding of parasites on your cat. Matted fur is very hard to comb, do not cut it of as you may injure the cat. The only treatment is to take it to the vet to sedate and shave of the fur. To prevent matted fur you need to groom your cat regularly.
* Bald patches – Fleas, allergies, eczema, and ringworm cause irritation of the skin causing bald patches. Sometimes stress can be a factor too. Hormone shots will be given by the cat’s vet and even tranquilizers to control the itching.

Regular Care

Cats like any other pet need to be groomed and taken regularly to the vet’s office for check ups. Because they cannot tell us what is wrong with them and we cannot guess right all the time we should not wait until the disease gets in advanced states. The earlier the vet gets the problem the sooner you cat pet health care will be solved.

Cat pet health care is something you keep yourself updated on with books or online. It is suggested not to guess and treat your cat yourself but check it with the vet to make sure your cat receives the best treatment.

Cats bring us a lot of joy and richness so do the right thing for her/him in return by getting the right cat pet health care.