When the average human being eats a terrible diet, that diet will eventually erode their health. What one puts in one’s body determines much in regards to a person’s general health and welfare. Animals are no different.

A Quality Diet

All pets, dogs, cats, and birds, must have a quality diet that will ensure the proper functioning of their organs and provide a balanced diet full of nutrients that will keep them healthy. In years past, there was very little on the market that would be considered pet health food. Today, pet health food is more widely available.

Humans and Animals Alike

What plagues human food is the same thing that plagues pet food. Food that is loaded in processed sugars and saturated fats will wreck havoc on one’s body. Sugars and excess fats will do the same to beloved pets. Pet food should always be of the pet health food variety. It should be nutrient rich and devoid of dead, empty calories that provide no value.

Organic Food

There has been a huge boom in the human world for organic and natural food. Now, there is a movement for natural pet health food that is quite similar. Unfortunately, pets have to rely on their human owners to buy this pet health food for them and sometimes even the most well intentioned pet owners are neglectful.

In The Wild

In the wild, animals ate other animals. While not a pretty image, it is a steady diet of natural, raw meat that is rich in nutrients. Processed animal foods are loaded with all kinds of fillers (including corn and soy!) that are not staples of a dog, cat, and etc diet. These are foods that the animal’s digestive system was not meant to absorb. While it isn’t healthy for the pets, it is health for the bank account of the pet food companies. Since our pets are not hunting for organic meat, it is up to the owners to buy pet health food that has those natural meats that a pet truly needs.
Is It Really That Important?

Questions like that are asked by people looking to dodge responsibility. Of course it is important. If we want to continue the companionship that our dogs, cats, mice even, supply, then we have to treat the animals with the respect they deserve. The best way of showing respect is taking the responsibility to provide our pets with a healthy diet.

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