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Pet Health: 3 Main Things to Be Concerned With 

Having a pet is fun. Being our companion throughout most of our times, our pets are our most sociable and trustworthy friends at home.  It is our responsibly to take care of their health, at least to make sure they are free from diseases.

When it comes to pet health issues, basically we have to take care of three things; general health, food and nutrition, and medical check-ups and treatments. These three things are the main concerns, but it’s not limited to the three only.

General Health

When talking about pet health, especially when it comes to general pet health issues; the main concern is about cleanliness, their dental health, exercise and training, behaviour, weight, pest control and many more.

Cleanliness especially deals with bathing everyday with shower shampoos and making sure they do not get exposed to dirt. If you are having cats, make sure they have a carrier as their home. If it’s a dog, have a kennel or a big cage. And make sure the cages are regularly cleaned free from faeces and soil. Besides that, do not to forget to de-claw and clean their nails regularly too.

Dental Health

Dental health is about cleaning or brushing their teeth everyday, especially if you have pets which possibly bite everything they see, such as dogs that love to chew shoes and cats that chase after flies or lizards and bite them for fun.


Exercise and training is essential to good pet health. Some people like to train their birds and dogs to watch their house, some other to do entertaining stunts. In short, training is essential to keep your pet disciplined and focused, rather than to roam around doing nothing and messing themselves up. Exercise is also important to their health. Taking them for walks, runs, or jumping exercises would keep them stay healthy and fit. This is also essential to avoid your pet becoming overweight.

Food and Nutrition

Pets are very active animals and they need good food to keep them moving. For this, you have to keep track of what they eat everyday and include food containing nutrients such as Vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E and K. Besides that, buy trustworthy pet foods sold at malls and pharmacies, which are rich with proteins, carbohydrates, and nutrients such as iron, zinc and magnesium. Avoid fatty foods and too much of fatty-acid-based foods which can cause obesity to certain pets such as cats, dogs, birds, hamster, and others. 

Medical Treatment

This would basically include bringing your pets to Pet Health medical centers and veterinary clinics for their annual check up and vaccination. For dogs, you should get them vaccinated for kennel cough, parvo, distemper, rabies, West Nile virus and others. For cats you should get them vaccinated for respiratory illnesses, feline leukemia, rabies, etc.

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