You may be thinking that finding free pet health care in the UK is no easy task. You may even think that it is an impossible task.  Actually, it probably seems that finding free health care for your pet is even harder than finding free health care for yourself.  These days, a trip to the vets office is just as expensive, if not more expensive, as going to the doctor yourself.

However, finding free pet health care in the UK is not as hard as one would think.  You just have to know where to look.

The Internet is Not Just for People Anymore

Just as there are fleas on a dog’s back, there are web pages on the internet; and many of these web pages contain tips on free pet health care in the UK.  Just about any search engine will bring up thousands upon thousands of free health care tips for your particular pet. The tips that are available range from doggy breath for that precious pooch to hoof care for your mighty steed. 

The upside to using the internet is the fact that you have access to resources all over the world. However, the downside is that you may not always know if these resources are credible ones.  Always be sure of the information you are about to use and if you are not sure, then do not use it.

Even Pets Could Use a Little Charity

Another great resource that will help in finding free pet health care in the UK is a pet charity.  These are great places to help our furry (and feathered) friends get over their ailments free of charge by giving health care tips, providing information where appropriate health care can be found, or even by providing the health care themselves. 

There are quite a few of these organizations scattered throughout the UK. Some of the more popular charities are Blue Cross UK, St. Francis Animal Welfare, and Animal Samaritans.  These organizations, and organizations just like them, care for your pet just as much as you do.

Finding free pet health care in the UK should not be this never ending quest.  Once you take the time to do the research, it becomes a fairly simple process.  Whether you are looking for grooming tips or full-blown medical attention at no cost, the UK has a wealth of resources at the disposal of any pet owner.  You just have to know where to look.

Several online veterinary sites provide free pet healthcare advice. ThePetCenter com is a good example. Nutrition, diseases, breeding, boarding, tips on different health matters and general information are covered here. Sites like PDSA of UK and DrLarryPetVet com have an “Ask The Vet” Section and carry a PET First Aid resource for practical online help.      

Pet Health Articles

Pet health articles are a useful way of getting basic information about the health needs of animals. Online sources like TalkToTheVet com and JudysHealthCafe com present visitors with essentials of health information like allergies and diseases of pets, intestinal worming, dental care, flea and tick control, care of newborn and young ones, harmful items and ways of feeding, useful nutritional supplements, pregnancy, housing considerations etc.    

Academic Channels for Free Pet Healthcare Advice

Some websites like The Veterinary Library page of Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, carry links to free information pages on in depth studies of pet heath issues. These are more scholarly articles and based on up to date scientific research in the related filed. Topics like genetics, drugs, oncology, diseases, nutrition, poisoning, and treatment of problematic conditions are covered along with providing useful links.   

Animal Discussion Forums

There are sites like Petlovers com that offer a discussion forum on various pet health issues. After signing up for free, users can join discussion in a number of categories about their pets’ diseases, remedies, and personal experiences regarding pet health. This causes increased awareness among the users about daily observation of their pets’ behavior and health condition. Discussion is particularly significant in regular monitoring of pet health, something you cannot often bother the vet about.


To be updated periodically on advances in treatment of pet diseases and related problems, signing up for free e-mail newsletter is a good option. You receive free pet healthcare advice by means of care information and tips along with stories, jokes, and fun stuff. Sites like PreciousPets org will even send you helpful easy-to-make recipes for your animal friends. Those of you preferring non-conventional veterinary treatments need not disappoint. Holistic veterinarian services like those of Dr. Ihor Basko run free online pet advice through newsletter informing on treatment with herbs and acupuncture.     

Pet Directory

Looking for free pet healthcare advice necessarily includes an online pet directory. Yahoo maintains a good pet directory with useful links and addresses of pet healthcare advisors and centers. Other sites like AvidPets com have their own pet directories and can be consulted accordingly.

Ask any animal lover what their greatest fear is and they will tell you: that their beloved pet becomes ill and the treatment is too expensive to afford. With some pet treatments running into thousands of pounds, often with no quick fix and no guarantee that the problem will not reoccur, it is an area of increasing concern with animals often suffering as a result. It’s a heartbreaking situation and one which, until recently, meant real misery for pet owners with a low income.

Changes Planned

However, this situation may well change in the next year as more and more pressure is brought by the public to bring in a scheme similar to our own National Health Service. Basically the cost of the treatment would be covered by the tax payer in a scheme entitled Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK. Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK would be available for all animals, regardless of age, breed and, most importantly, the financial situation of the owner. The current point of controversy is what constitutes an emergency.

Whilst some ailments are easily categorized: a broken limb, an open wound or symptoms such as vomiting, others are not so obvious. A long term liver problem or dietary issues can be life threatening but whether they would be covered under the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK plan has yet to be finalized.

Proposal Welcome

Regardless of possible limits within the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK package, pet owners have warmly welcomed the initiative. In a recent survey, UK pet owners stated that vet’s bills were the number one decision point when considering a pet. While smaller animals’ health treatment is generally not costly, injuries to larger animals such as cats and dogs can often run into the thousands and it is not uncommon for the pet to be put to sleep purely because of the cost involved. Under the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK package it is hope this unfortunate situation will happen less and less.

Next Steps

The government is continuing to work on all details of the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK bill and it should come before parliament in the next twelve months. Though there has been some resistance from other parties, it is recognized that the UK is a country of animal lovers and if the Free Emergency Pet Health Care in the UK bill can save the lives of man’s best friend then it should be available as soon as possible.

Many of us treat our pets as part of the family; they live with us, they have nicknames, their own toys and can get away with murder in the household. This makes it even worse when one of our pets fall sick, it feels like one of your children is sick.

Perhaps the saddest thing about a sick pet is that it can’t tell you what is wrong, sometimes we only notice something is wrong when things are really bad. As soon as one of your pets are sick, the first thing you want to do is rush to the vet. However, if you’ve been to the vet’s before, you know a very big bill is on its way.

Why Veterinary Care is Expensive

Veterinary care is very expensive for a number of reasons; firstly to qualify as a veterinarian is much harder than to be a doctor for humans. Vets cannot ask a patient what is wrong with them; a veterinarian needs to have knowledge of all types of animals at his or her fingertips and this makes being a veterinarian a much specialised field, thus increasing the cost of this service. This is why a good company pet health insurance policy is an important part of pet ownership.

A Real Money Saver

You would never dream of leaving one of your children uninsured, we all know how an unexpected playground mishap can lead to a large bill at the family doctor’s. The same can be said for pets, as pets are just like children in a way, not knowing any better and vulnerable to all sorts of accidents. You may think that getting a company pet health insurance package for your cat or dog is too much of an expense when the opposite is true.

Even if you don’t have an accident-prone pet or a pet that likes to get into fights, a good company pet health insurance will also cover scheduled vaccinations and spaying or neutering procedures. Having insurance for your pet also means that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of are your pet receives. How many times have you opted for a less effective treatment for your pet because it was cheaper? This is of course justifiable as you need to balance the rest of your expenses as well, but this is completely avoidable with a company pet health insurance. Getting a great company pet health insurance is the best way to have a healthy pet and keep your expenses in check.

Every day your cat comes to you and shows you love by rubbing his body on yours and purring to show happiness. Your cat looks up to you as a mother or father and depends on you for all of their needs. 

Their needs include health issues you will come across from time to time and they can get quite costly as an out of pocket expense. Cat pet health insurance can enhance your cat’s future health by allowing you to have medical procedures you couldn’t afford before for your pet.

Try To Get Your Cat Pet Health Insurance While They Are Young

Health insurance policies work the same way for pets as they do for human beings.  Because of this fact, you should try to put health insurance on your cat at a very young age.  Many insurance providers don’t want to cover a pet if they are too old because they know this will involve more costly visits to the vet. It works out, of course, the same way as it does with humans as many of the same fundamentals are present in cat pet health insurance.

At an early age, your cat will not usually show signs of a pre-existing condition.  An insurance provider will want to know of pre-existing conditions with your cat to make a decision about coverage.  Many insurance companies don’t want to cover your pet if there are already conditions present.

Your cat’s living conditions can also play a role in the type of policy you can purchase.  If they live outside all of the time, your pet is more likely to have more problems than the indoor housecat.  This can also be a reason for the insurance provider to consider the policy a high-risk investment and they will higher your annual premium. Your cat pet health insurance, therefore, can get to be quite expensive if you do not have any bonuses attached to the policy.

How Your Cat’s Health Insurance Policy Works

Once you have found the right type of insurance policy, you will be required to pay an annual premium.  This premium will cover certain conditions and may be limited depending on what you gave approval for.

If your cat needs health care services that are covered by the policy, you will be required to pay a deductible as part of the expense.  The deductible will be a set amount you decided upon and once it is paid, you will be reimbursed for a certain percentage of the cost.

When many people think of health insurance, they think of insurance for people. However, many companies today provide pet health insurance, and we’re not just talking about dogs and cats! There are many policies for guinea pigs, snakes, birds, ferrets, lizards and even fish. Exotic pet health insurance is something which is quickly becoming very popular. It is a relief to know that all pets can be included in life saving health insurance.

Why Purchase Exotic Pet Health Insurance?

In the same way that people have come to love and cherish their dogs and cats, exotic pets have also come to be loved and cherished. Oftentimes, people will spend a lot of money on exotic pets, because exotic pets are often hard to come by. When a person puts a lot of their life savings into a pet, that pets health becomes very important to them. No one wants to lose a pet, and especially not to health-related reasons.

However, vet bills can quickly skyrocket out of control, and might prevent pet owners from taking necessarily medical action which may save their pet’s life. Like dog and cat insurance, exotic pet health insurance allows pet owners to take care of their beloved pets.

What can Exotic Pet Health Insurance do for your pet?

Like insurance for dogs and cats, exotic pet health insurance can provide many services for your pets. Policies will cover annual health exams, prescription medications, emergency procedures or surgeries, x-rays or other diagnostic procedures, and even flea and tick medication.

Exotic pet health insurance can lengthen the life of your exotic pet, because you will have no excuse to not get your pet health care. It can also help ensure that your exotic pet lives a happy life, because you will be able to afford the conveniences that one without health insurance would probably pass up.

Exotic Pet Health Insurance is Affordable

 It is also affordable; exotic pet health insurance can cost as little as a dollar a day, and will cover thousands of dollars worth of veterinary care. Unlike some human health insurance policies, pet insurance lets pet owners pick their own veterinarian, which alleviates much of the stress of finding a new vet that you can trust. In many different regards, health insurance for your pets, especially exotic pet health insurance, is well worth the investment.