Pet Health Care Product : The Many Types and Variations

There are many ways we can show our love to our pets, either by buying them their favourite toys wherever we go, playing with them, or even spending a time out with them at the park or the beach. But that’s all outdoors. What about indoors? What about their food and medicines? The truth is that it’s all a part of it.

Our pet’s health matters most than anything else, put aside their happiness. Their health is what we have to take care of and monitor all the time, because they are animals, which don’t stay at a place like plants. They need good food and strength to keep them moving about wherever they want and even to play with us too. A pet health care product which can be found in the market is the best solution for this. And there are many types of this pet health care product. Here are some of them:


The first pet health care product is food products, which are basically divided into two; pet food and meals, and cookies and cereals. Both Pet food and meals and the cookies and cereals are normally found everywhere; in malls, departmental stores, groceries, pharmacies and any supermarkets.

These are usually branded and most of them are trustworthy, because they have existed for years and people have been continuously buying them. This would include the famous cat food, dog food, bird food, dog biscuits, bird Rusk, and many more.

These products contain various nutrients such as all needed Vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, sulphur, zinc and so on, as well as fiber and sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrate.

Longevity and Natural Care

The second pet health care product we are concerned today is the longevity natural care products; which include the cleanliness products, bathing shampoos and soaps, other toiletries and many more. Pets with sharp claws and nails need trimming or de-clawing, for this they need special clippers that do not harm their toes, or in certain cases, their fingers! Else than this, to clean a pet everyday there are nutrient shampoos and soap or bath gels to keep them refreshed and at their best.

Supplements and Medicines

Animals which are proactive cannot solely depend on their food intake to be that cheerful. And that’s why they need the third type of pet health care product; supplements and medicines. They basically need supplements such Omega 3 acids, shark cartilage, Coenzyme Q10, Chondroitin Sulfate and many more.

There are also nuggets and capsules of Vitamin, minerals, enzymes, fibre, and antioxidants supplements sold everywhere. Besides these, nowadays we can also find herbal medicines to keep our pets much healthier, without any side effects – such as Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicines.