As we know, some treatments for our pets can be really expensive. The treatments, even when compared to our type of treatments, sometimes could be two or three folds higher. No matter how cheap they go, at most places it still stands at a minimum of $300.

Some people are still not able to pay for this, due to various financial drawbacks in their family. Neither they have an insurance coverage for their pet; again the reason being tied by financial status. And that is why the government and many other non-governmental agencies have started up free pet health care everywhere.

How does it work?

This free pet health care basically covers health care treatments, diagnosis, and even surgeries and accidents at many instances. There are many companies going around teaching the owners of the basics, to begin with.

Many agencies have started up centres and launched websites as well as distribute booklets and brochures, to keep the owners alert of the current situations and treatments available to their pets, and the upcoming diseases and the needed vaccinations. They offer online consultation on the below aspects of pet health care;

Medical Check-ups and cleanliness – this would include dental check-ups, daily cleaning, medical treatments and tests such as blood tests, cardiology evaluation, kidney and liver scanning and others. They also guide the owners or sometimes perform basic cleaning processes such as nail, ear and nostril cleaning, claw removal, and many more.

Food and Nutrients – information on how to feed the pet properly and the best food solutions would be given to the owner, and sometimes, the agencies will distribute free food under this free pet health care program as well. Foods high in Vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and other are given out for free.

Allergens, toxins and pests – this would basically include the keeping away of allergens and pests that the animals are sensitive or allergic to.

More than that

Not stopping there, some agencies also offer free medical check ups to the pets of which the owners can not afford expensive monthly routine check ups and vaccination against various diseases. Surgeons working for social service offer this free pet health care without expecting anything from the owner. These surgeons are experts in their own fields and they even perform surgeries for free at many times; some instances would include accidents, fracture injuries, and cardiovascular surgery, as well as treatments which are expensive in normal hospitals such as scanning and so on.