In this post-Katrina world that we live in, free emergency pet health care is more important than ever.  There are several simple things that every pet owner can do to prepare for potential disasters and be sure that their pets receive the free emergency pet health care that they need.

Be Prepared

The most important part of taking advantage of free emergency pet health care is being prepared before any potential disaster occurs.  Have a safe place to take your pets if you must evacuate your home.  Do not leave your pets behind, because if it is not safe for you to stay in your home it certainly isn’t safe for your pet to stay there.  Talk to your local veterinarian to help explore boarding options.  Also, you should talk to your friends and family to see if they would be willing to board your pets in case of emergency.

Another good idea is to have a sign posted in your front window indicating the status of your pets in the case of evacuation.  If you have pets inside your home and an evacuation is required, if emergency personnel know at a glance if there are pets inside your home, they can administer free emergency pet health care if need be.

Educate, Educate, Educate

Another important part of free emergency pet health care is to educate yourself and your pets as to how to act in the case of an emergency.  Again, contact your local veterinarian for obedience training classes in your area.  These classes can be beneficial for you to learn what to do with your pet in an emergency situation.  Also, a good obedience trainer can educate you as to what free emergency pet health care services are available to you and your pets.

Pets have a habit of getting into situations that could require the need for free emergency pet health care.  They might go places that are unsafe or ingest some substance that can have adverse effects on them.  If you are prepared and know how to help your pets avoid situations like this your pets will not require the use of free emergency pet health care.  Also, education will help you know how to respond in the case of a pet emergency to give your pets the best chance of survival.

Love Your Pets

If you are a pet owner then you know how rewarding the experience can be.  Why not give your pets the same love and concern that you would give any member of your family?   Your pets depend on you and they deserve to receive the best possible treatment, including educating yourself as to what free emergency pet health care services are available in your area.  You should also be prepared to take care of your pet in any emergency.  Your pets will love you for it.