As pet owners, it is our responsibility to assure the best possible, proper health care for our pets. Dogs in particular, require special needs that we must provide in order to safe guard the dog’s health and well being.

So how does one go about providing the best possible health care for one’s dog? What should a dog owner do to make sure that the dog’s life is devoid of unfortunate illness and ill health? Well, nothing can be done to absolutely guarantee that no problems will befall a dog’s health. That would be an utterly unrealistic expectation. However, one can impart oneself with the knowledge needed to reduce the possible calamities that may befall a beloved pet. So what kind of pet health advice is the best advice for pet owners?

In order to understand how to protect one’s dog from suffering the effects of poor health, preventive medicine is the best pet health advice.

Heart Disease

Dogs, just like their human buddies, can suffer from heart disease. When a dog’s heart has to work overtime to pump blood due to damaged valves and arteries, the dog’s life expectancy may become shortened.

Pet Health Advice for Heart Disease

Many of the same cause of heart disease in humans are the same ones that cause heart trouble in humans: diet and lack of exercise.

Heart Worms

An infection of heartworms is a fairly gruesome disease that dogs can become inflicted with. Basically, a mosquito bounces from dog to dog feeding and at some point end up transmitting microscopic larvae into the blood stream of the dog. When these larvae get to the dog’s heart, the disease can turn fatal.

Pet Health Advice for Heartworms

Because a dog can be at risk in any part of the world that mosquitoes live, the only true, proper course of action is to have you dog taken for regular check ups with the vet.



Distemper is the most dangerous respiratory disorder that can afflict a dog. When the respiratory system is not functioning properly, the dog’s life is in grave jeopardy.

Pet Health Advice for Distemper

Always make sure your dogs have had their proper vaccinations! It is impossible not to stress enough how important regular check ups and shots are required to safeguard a pet’s health. Again, the best pet health advice one can offer is to take steps to reduce the problems that can befall a pet long before they happen.