The push for all natural alternatives in our synthetically saturated society has finally become a force in the pet health care product industry.  The “organic option” is no longer limited to the pet owner, but has become a viable and more affordable alternative for pets as well. So what are the benefits of using an all natural pet health care product?

Less Chance for Allergic Reactions

Herbal remedies are often less concentrated than manufactured drugs and so in general there is less chance for strong allergic reactions to the medicine.  It is important to consider that it is much harder for a pet to communicate its discomfort or physical symptoms than it is for a human being, so herbal remedies may lessen the suffering of a pet if that medication is not suited for it. 

Pet Drugs Less Reliable

There is also less money spent testing a pet health care product than there would be for a human being.  This means that pet medications are often less reliable than drugs made for people, which means the side-effects are often less documented as well.  Giving your pet an organic solution to a health problem may allow them to avoid some of those adverse effects.

Pet are Frightened of Pills

Most pet owners have experienced the challenge of trying to give an animal something as unnatural as a pill.  In most cases the pet must be held down or forced to consume medication.  It is also harder to mix synthetic medications in with your pet’s food because most animals have a keen sense of smell that alerts them to the “medicinal aroma” of the drug you’re attempting to give them. 

It may be easier to give your pet organic medicine in their food because it is less alarming to an animal than say, breaking up white pill powder into your dog’s food dish. 

Supporting the Organic Foods and Medicine Industry

If you are a person who supports organic farming and takes herbal medication yourself, then it makes sense to purchase your pet health care product from the same people.  Herbal medication companies and organic farmers often do not have the same financial base as large pharmaceutical companies, so by supporting them with your pet health care product needs, you’re ensuring that your own supply of herbal remedies and organic foods will always be readily available.