Repay Your Dog’s Loyalty with Dog Pet Health Insurance

Dog Pet Health InsuranceDog pet health insurance has been around for the last fifteen to twenty years, but several people aren’t aware of this.  Even though a vet is a physician, many insurance companies in the past did not consider it essential to provide coverage for pets.

Your dog is known as “man’s best friend” and should be treated like they are your best friend.  If your dog is your best friend, your heart goes out to them completely and making sure they are healthy is important.  Without dog pet health insurance, you are likely to pay high out of pocket expenses for their treatments as they grow older.

Some insurance companies can be quite costly, but as long as you do some research on your own, you can find coverage for your dog’s needs.  You should make sure you follow some basic principles if you are going to get coverage that is beneficial for your pet. 

Reasons Why You Could Be Denied Insurance Coverage for Your Dog

Just like human insurance coverage, the same rules are implemented with dog pet health insurance.  To be approved for your dog’s coverage plan, you will need to know what reasons you could be refused as a policy holder. 

If your pet is aging and no longer a puppy any more, you will have to look harder for insurance coverage.  As human beings mature in age, they find insurance coverage more unsettling and deal with more hassles.  It is the same principle for your dog and if your dog is over a certain number of years in age, insurance companies don’t want to provide health coverage.

More importantly, the insurance company will want to know if your pet has a pre-existing condition.  Humans can search for a long time before they find good health care coverage at a decent price if they already have a diagnosed problem.  Your dog’s insurance company will react the same way and will cancel your policy if they find out your dog already does have a pre-existing health condition.  They know there will be more expenses accrued because you will be seeking health care more often.

Another factor, which doesn’t mean you will be unapproved, can become a factor in how much you will pay on your dog’s annual premium.  If your dog is kept more outdoors than indoors, the insurance company figures there is more chance for your pet to be brought to the vet.  Many outside factors exist that don’t exist indoor and could include dog fights, heartworm, rabies, etc.  All of these factors would require medical treatment and more money paid out by the insurance company in terms of your dog pet health insurance policy.

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